Hi, I’m Hu Chen

I’m an inter-disciplinary frontend engineer, occasional designer and adventurer living in Singapore. I code in Javascript (React, React Native), Ruby and design in Sketch.

Recent Projects

  • Hacker Tab - Chrome extension to replace new tab screen with GitHub trending projects
  • github-trending-api - An unofficial API for GitHub trending projects
  • Whatsapp Direct - Helps you send Whatsapp messages without creating a new contact (mobile)

Other Links

  • Gears - Links to all the stuff I use as developer and designer
  • GitHub - I have a bunch of projects on here :)
  • Writing - My writings on Medium.com
  • Unsplash - My photos on Unsplash (free license to use and download)
  • New Zealand - A hand made website with story of my 23 days in New Zealand
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Instagram

Say hi to chen@huchen.dev